Friday, August 04, 2006

Goodkind Meets Irvine Welsh - Truthspotting

'The street wis fuckin mobbed. Ah wis just tryin tae get tae the palace to do they council shites for stoppin ma war, but this bunch ay cunts wis all blockin the road with banners like. --Give peace a chance, sais this one cunt wi a big smile.

--Fuck off, ah sais, and kicks im in the heid, shatterin his jaw like. --I'll gie ye fuckin peace, ya radge.

They all starts comin for me. Obviously ah had ma sword in ma belt, so there wis no way these cunts were gettin in ma way. Ah startid tae run doon the hill towards the wee shites, then ah slowed doon, then ah sped up agin. --Oot ma way, ya fucks! ah sais.

Fucks were no match for ma moral clarity, ken. No a blade between em, the shitein cunts. Wis short work tae hack em doon wi ma sword, fuckin aye, then off tae the palace fae those other shites. Peace protesters, ma arse.'


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Excellent, ya cunt!

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