Friday, August 11, 2006

Some ideas for Goodkind T-Shirts

"Kicking Kids in the Jaw Since 1994!"
"Communists are Pussies!"/"Hippies are Pussies!"
"Kahlan is a Slut!"
"Love Life or I'll Kill You Myself"
"What Would Richard Rahl Do?"
"Hot and Sweaty Yeard Love"
"I'll Salt Your Fields, Bitch."
"Please Don't Beat Me Up"
"Delightfully Truthy, yet Uneducated"
"Richard Happens"
"It's Not Fantasy! It's Really NOT!"
"You Can't Argue With 39 Million Imaginary People"
"My Boss Is A D'Haran Dictator"
"The Only Sure Things in Life are Gang-Rape and Long Speeches"
"Carpe Yeardum"
"Real Women Worship Men"
"If You Shoot An Arrow At Me, I'll Catch It"
"Beware: Thing Rising"
"We Love How He Touches Us"
"I Was Gang-Raped and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt"
"Never Get Involved in a Land War In D'Hara"
"This Is My War Wizard Outfit"

- VigoTheCarpathian

"Taking the Twins out for The Cause"
"Making Sure You Get Your Daily Dose of Moral Clarity"
"Grrratch luuug Raaaach aaarg!"

- The Wolf Maid

"Is it a chicken or not?"

- Polaris

"My War Wizard Outfit Is At The Cleaners"

- Jaxom 1974

'If you think this is hot you should see my travelling pants.'

- BA Barrycus


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