Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Haikus of Truth

Contributors: Muttering Bill, VigoTheCarpathian, Deornoth, me, Mossman, Dycedarg, Jaxom 1974
Stupid Death Choosers!
Richard's mighty thing rose up,
Small girl's jaw explodes...

The first wizard says:
"Be true to your inner self
Rise up and live life!"

Get lost you hippies
Richard is coming through now
He cuts you all down

Mother Confessor
Gets kidnapped for the nth time
Almost raped again

Painting men as ghosts
Should never rout an army.
In Terry's world? Yes.

Richard's raptor stare
Shoots out like a laser beam
Burning the hippies

The lie of your own
Existence will be shattered:

Chicken McNuggets
This was no chicken, this was
Yummy incarnate

"Gratchh Luuuggg Rach arrg" may
Be quite a good excuse for

Deeds betray a lie,
Allow reason to rule you.
Deserve victory!

Passion rules reason,
Much harm from good intentions.
Magic in forgiveness.

People are stupid,
Contradictions don't exist;
Life is the future.

Charity will breed
Laziness and discontent.
Get a job, losers!

The Mord Sith torture
With an evil young princess.
Kick her in the face.

Fun molesting boys.
Confessor erases mind;
Feast of testicles.

Old man in forest
Has stolen our penises.
Burn him; he's a witch.

Not a fantasy,
But important human themes.
Beware the strawmen.

Lemmings of discord
Have no moral celery
You have chosen death.

The Mistress of Death
Concealed by her boob display
Blasts melon-sized holes.

Denna, oh Denna
Please hurt me so very good
My thing rises, love

Haiku is far too
Noble for SOT, plus
It's jibber-jabber

White snow on the ground,
I'll paint my men white like ghosts,
It'll work, really!

Judging by Ja-La
Jocks beat up Goodkind often
When he was in school

A pile of crap
Masquerading as the Truth:

Sisters of the Dark,
Stone of Tears, Blood of the Fold
Robert Jordan who?

Goats are noble and
Chickens, evil incarnate
Nobody knows why.


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