Thursday, July 05, 2007

Goodkind meets The Matrix

Richo: What is the Dominatrix?

Morphiddus Morondurr: Not what, who.

R: Who is the Dominatrix?

M: Not is, are.

R: Who are the Dominatrix?

M: They are hot blond chicks in red leather who have ginormous breasts and like to torture you by sticking a stun gun up your ass.

R: Woah.

M: Tell me about it, you should talk to the Orifice.


R: Morphiddus, how do I use my powers?

M: I'm sorry, I can't help you.

R: Can't, or won't?

M: Can't, nobody knows how this shit works because TG is a stupid cunt. Now give it a rest, I'm tired from getting raped last night.


R: What are you trying to tell me, I can dodge arrows?

M: No, what I'm trying to tell you is that when the time comes, you can shoot them out of the air or catch them.


R: Explain to me again about agents

M: Agents follow the keeper, and can be anybody, can take the form of any person. Did you notice the woman in the red outfit?

R: You mean Cara?

M: Shoot bad example.

- word


Blogger Blueblah said...

I absolutely love your fist two jokes in that, but the rest were awful!

4:58 pm  

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