Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sandstorm Reviews is One Year Old!

... and the hit count has just crept over the 15k mark, so hurrah for me! I've actually been far too busy at work to do much reviewing recently, but hopefully I'll get that going again soon; there's also the minor matter of Mario and Luigi - Partners in Time which has been occupying my train journeys for the past few days, but soon the Mushroom Kingdom will be safe once more and I can get back to the books.

Reviews pending:
Reaper's Gale (Erikson)
The Day of the Triffids (Wyndham)
Fragile Things (Gaiman)
Hags, Sirens and other Bad Girls of Fantasy (Denise Little, ed)

On the stack: Ian Macdonald's Brasyl, R Scott Bakker's The Warrior-Prophet, Brian Ruckley's Winterbirth, John Brunner's The Squares of the City, Harry Potter 5 & 6 (homework in advance of Book 7's publication in July - probably won't review either of these!) and anything else on the shelves that I fancy picking up...


Blogger Bob Lock said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

(If you need any help with that cake...)


10:25 am  
Blogger Rogue Blades Entertainment said...

Happy Birthday, Sandstorm Reviews! Belated though it is, it is, at least, heartfelt.

I've missed your reviews, Alice; you've been riding a long streak of books and authors I like best, quite often nailing them most accurately, and I thank thee.

Again, I say Congrats!

5:07 am  
Blogger Alice said...

Thanks both! I haven't gone anywhere, I've just been far too busy to sort out any reviews recently. Once things quieten down at work and at home then I'll be up and running again...

12:59 pm  

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