Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Goodkind Mauling

By Special Request...

It had been well over an hour since they had come out of the trees [They were special, hollow trees, perfect for hiding and petting in], climbing steadily upward, into the sun. [Richard lived to defy natural laws.] They were heading east on the ledges before the trail cut back to the west later. [Basically just going back and forth, but never mind that. Logic exists only at Terry's mercy.] The men, if they had followed, would have to look into the sun to see them. [And what did mum say about staring at the sun? Richard was nothing if not sly and delightfully cruel.] Richard kept them crouched as low as possible and checked over his shoulder often as they climbed, scanning for any sign of the men. When he had seen them by Trunt Lake they were staying well hidden [although apparently not hidden enough], but it was too open out here for them. He saw nothing, and started to feel better. [Zedd had always taught him that what he couldn't see couldn't hurt him.] They weren't being followed; the men were nowhere to be seen, and were probably miles down Hawkers Trail by now. The farther from the boundary and the closer to the town they got, the better he felt. His plan had worked. [And what a plan it was. Go from boundary to town. Keep pants on.]

Seeing no sign that they were being followed [other than that Goodyear Blimp], Richard wished they could stop for a rest, as his hand [and a certain something else] was throbbing, but she gave no sign that she needed or wanted a break. [Perhaps she didn't know the universal inter-boundary sign language? Unlikely.] She kept pushing on as if the men were right on their heels. Richard remembered the look on her face when he had asked if they were dangerous, and quickly rejected any thought of stopping.



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Hey, Min.

Thanks for putting this up. I did more, you know ;). I'll mail you the other posts, and you can choose whether you want to put them up or not.

Have a great weekend!
Mme Erzulie

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