Saturday, March 08, 2008

Automatic Goodkind Story Generator

Tairylib (keep refreshing it for new stories)

Sample text:
Dick and Klan are walking around in their world which is clearly not a fantasy world, otherwise the story would be about the world rather than the people and the important human themes, discussing characters who don't matter anymore, if they ever did. Suddenly a war breaks out. nigh infinite members of the Imperial Order are preparing to attack them. Richard's thing rises and they all die with melon-sized holes punched in their chests. Kahlan is kidnapped and almost-raped by a gang, that likes to bang, but is saved at the last moment by a convenient deus ex machina. While searching for his True Love, Richard finds a village full of people who are pacifists. Richard makes a speech that goes on for 9,558,647 pages and the villagers all abandon their individuality commie pinko ways to help him find Kahlan. Richard finds the evil villain who attacks him with prophecy. When it looks like Richard is about to lose Richard realizes he loves the villain and is thus able to use his sword. Richard and Kahlan go off and explain why Richard is always justified no matter what he does while the war continues to be ignored. Next volume: Tairy splorts out 600 more pages.

- Probably Phelan Arcetus, based on the URL, but please correct me if I'm wrong!


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