Monday, February 07, 2011

Black Vapour of Madness

Like the previous chapter, this one starts with the exploits of Princess Sumia and Karm Karvus, lately captured by the Yellow Druids of Patanga. Sumia is in an audience with Vaspas Ptol, the current ruler of Patanga. He likes the look of our heroine.

Her smooth body swayed with lithe, animal grace as she crossed the great hall. His eyes feated hungrily on her astonishing beauty... her slender body whose marble-smooth limbs were half-revealed and half-concealed by her translucent draperies, flesh of alabaster-white, flushed with creamy rose... proud, tilted breasts rising firm and full, cupped in hammered gold... the calm, sweet oval of her face, framed in a thick tangled mane of glossy hair that flowed in curlinmg waves dow her slim back... great eyes like wells of dark light... full sensuous lips ripe-hued like rose-petals.

Phwoar, eh lads?

Vaspas Ptol accuses Sumia of turning up at the head of an illegal army, but she laughs in his face. Good for her! She accuses him of trying to wed her against her will, and threatening her with torture or death, which makes him the criminal and not her.

Sumia is proper kickass chick here. Vaspas Ptol continues to be a smarmy arsehole, threatening her with this and accusing her of that, and she just laughs at him. Eventualy, he suggests that she can be cleansed of her "sins" by marrying him, and she continues to scorn him, cos of course she's in love with Thongor. She says that soon Phal Thurid will conquer the city, so Vaspas Ptol's scheming is useless.

Not so, apparently - Vaspas Ptol has a secret weapon! He summons the priest Himog Thoon to demonstrate.

Himog Thoon has a mysterious black globe, and uses a slave to show off its power. When touhed with a knife, a nasty vapour comes out.

The vapour coiled in smoky wreaths about the whimpering slave like the cloudy tentacles of Iorgazon the Demon of Madness in the old myths.
An apt comparison, seeing what occurred upon that instant - the slave went mad.

Oh noes! Vaspas Ptol plans to unleash this terrible gas upon Phal Thurid's army the next morning. Muahahhaha!


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